Whole Dog Journal by Nancy Kerns


This article puts into context a proper understanding the FDA warning. Please note that the FDA’s headline did not say anything about “grain-free diets” causing heart problems – though almost all the blog posts and articles in other publications have been saying exactly that. If you read the FDA’s statement, you will see that they said there may be a link between some grain-free diets and canine DCM, but there are also many other things going on that may be responsible for an observed rise in cases of canine DCM.

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Please Don't Panic About the “Grain-Free Thing” Are grain-free dog foods good or bad for your dog?

Biologically Appropriate™ foods are formulated to match the eating habits of our dogs and cats who evolved from carnivores in the wild. Champion add meats, organs, and cartilage in proportion to reflect the most natural diet our pets would see in the wild. Synthetic ingredients can be harmful and have no nutritional benefit for our pets, and Champion takes measures to ensure these types of ingredients are not found in their recipes.  Biologically appropriate means your pet gets everything their bodies need, and nothing that they don’t.

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Biologically Appropriate Foods For Your Pets

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